Whats going on!

Busy times, and good busy is how it feels at the moment.

The Wellbeing work is fascinating and is being well received despite some cynicism. Its a fascinating area that I’m just starting to explore along with positive psychology, and my interest in my own activity.

A standing desk and a Jawbone tracker are signs of my current interest in this area.

I’m also giving a lot of attention to the subject of “Leadership Conversations”. Its an area I am currently working at developing a “product” in. Thats proving to be both energising and daunting as I get my head around product development and bringing a potential product to market. Something I have never done before. I intend to have something concrete in the new year.

All is good at home, and busy.

Kathryn is working hard at work and appears to be doing great things as well as long hours and working most Sundays at the moment.

The boys are busy, and Luke has moved swimming clubs which has gone well. Its funny, how I do lots of coaching and leadership development covering change management, and reflecting just how hard change can be when you are in it. I am reminded of William Bridges model of change where he says that “its not the change we resist but the transition”. We have known for a number of months that Luke needed to move clubs, there was a lot of personal history associated with the previous club, and it was the letting go that took some head space. Something as apparently trivial as moving your child’s sports club expands a lot of emotional energy and focus.


Tom is playing lots of hockey and a move to cycle racing next year is very much on our minds, although I am not listening to the frequent comments about needing a new bike.

Hope things are good with you too?


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