How I Can Help You

I work with individuals, teams and departments to make them better and more effective at what they do.

I might work with you in the following ways:

  • Coaching individuals
  • Developing teams so they understand one another better, handle conflict with one another, and hold one another accountable for their agreed actions
  • Provide management and leadership training
  • Provide psychometric feedback to assess future talent or reduce blind spots of existing managers and leaders to improve their impact
  • Facilitate dialogue between individuals, teams and groups

When I work with my clients I bring a strong set of values to my work:

Curiosity and Innovation – I am always looking for new and shiny, and seek to apply to my work. But I also value the tried and trusted and won’t throw the baby out with the bath water

Collaboration – I like to work with clients where we can push the boundaries. I want to help you deliver your results and ensure they are sustainable, and I also want to be challenged so I grow and develop too

Value Add – I hate activity that adds no value, and I will always work with this in mind to deliver something that adds value, even if that means changing plans

Trust – We all different, and I will value and trust your differences. In return I trust that you will respect and appreciate my differences.

Mastery – I seek to the best in my field, and seek to bring in other consultants who can offer something that compliments or adds to my strengths


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