Stuff in my head!


There is a lot of stuff in my head right now!

I wrote a blog yesterday about questioning my reliance on 4 box models and dichotomies, and I’m questioning that because I am really starting to explore my practice and what I work with. As an Engineer, turned internal consultant I sort of fell into this world which is why I hesitate to call myself a Learning and Development practitioner. I have learnt a lot in my 12 years in this world, and possibly much more than many who have been in it longer.

So I have another 15-20 years in this space that I work and I want to work differently. Achieve the same outcomes, better individual and team effectiveness but maybe work in a different way so that I help build better, more robust and sustainable outcomes.

What do I find myself curious about?

I am finding myself really interested in dialogue and leadership conversations, and I’m coming round to the thought that in simple terms its about advocacy, inquiry and exploring possibilities. I see a huge potential for both individuals and teams to explore and develop these behaviours, competencies, skills alongside personality and emotions.

My work over the past few months in the area of Wellbeing and resilience has led me down a path to explore more brain coherence, how we manage our energy, and positive psychology.

I have been on and off for years around mindfulness. First introduced to it in the early 90’s whilst working for Glaxo, its coming back very much into my current thinking as well as finding a space for my own thoughts in a busy time in the Perry family.

All of these thoughts are merging and colliding with one another right now, and Amazon seem to be doing rather well out of me at the moment, and my Evernote reading is getting larger by the day.

All good. Oh look puppies…..

Seriously, a lot of exciting things to mull over and I am working to bring some “product” to market in these areas. So watch this space. (This is a public commitment to drive me to do it by the way!!!)

I would welcome any thoughts, suggestions or you are just curious. It all helps me, and I hope in an indirect sort of way you too!


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