My name’s Ian and I’m a 4 box addict!

Excuse the analogy but I admit to the fact that I have had an over reliance on 4 box models and dichotomies.

Its something I have been noticing for some time, and also noticing that I’ve started to become more comfortable not having to use them to explain my work and interventions as a coach, facilitator and leadership development practitioner.

I recognise that I used models, modified them, overlaid them and experimented with a wide range of models and psychometric dichotomies in my work, and I have been left wondering who is that for. Them or me?

Its probably been me if i’m honest. Wanting to look credible, to be seen as an expert, or just helping them to overcome my insecurities when I might be working with a difficult group.

But we know the world is not about 4 boxes, nor do we want to constrain people to one of 4 boxes to explain their style or approach to conflict. We know we live in a world that is more complex and unpredictable, in fact its constantly emerging.

I also recognise that I am working with Leaders to get them to challenge their need to be in control, to know the answer or to be seen as the expert. I am colluding with them by role modelling the behaviours I am getting them to challenge.

So over the coming months I’m going to work to a different drummer, and look to get back to working in a  different language.

What do you think?


3 thoughts on “My name’s Ian and I’m a 4 box addict!

  1. This is probably the biggest challenge of the profession, which isn’t helped by suppliers and vendors creating more ways to categorise the world. All you need to do is become accredited in using their tool!

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