My son Luke who is 12 is “Lazy”. Since about the age of 3, we have called him “Lazy Luke”. Why walk when you could be carried, use “I cant” as an excuse not to do something, and this has carried on to current day when he had great plans for halloween, and when he talked about “we”, that meant Mum and Dad doing it for him because he could not be bothered to learn how to cut a pumpkin, to make fairy cakes, or to prepare icing. He will clearly go a long way with his mastery of delegation!

But this blog is not about Luke, its about us and our professional lives. This blog has been brewing for some time, and refers to the laziness we have for how we use language and our laziness in really determining and communicating what we mean, or to really determine our expectations of others.

Too often its my perception that we fall into the laziness of not really being bothered to clarify what we mean. Is that because we don’t want to, or is it because we can’t actually clarify what we mean?

What makes me bristle is the way we throw cliches and management faddy words around in particular on social media. I wonder how much we really understand and maybe more worrying is whether people really believe all the hype and blather that is spouted? Just like the “emperors new clothes”, how much do we challenge, question and seek to understand? My fear is that we perpetuate the myth, fantasy and “bollocks” that seems to occupy the way we describe things that occupies the twitter sphere and social media space.

Top of my “bristle list”

authentic leadership
inspirational leadership
being strategic
anything to do with leadership – too much blather!
So back to where I started. I asked Luke to make his bed a couple of weeks ago, and apparently he could not put the duvet cover on. After much huffing and puffing last night, he finally put his cover on. He knows how to do it now!!


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