The Power of Nice

I first wrote and published this blog on the 13th September 2011. A tweet by Simon Heath @SimonHeath1 prompted me to publish again!!



Its been some time since I last blogged. No excuses, just the summer and lots of exciting things to do!

So in sitting down to start to write some blogs again I came across an article I found in the Times on the 20th July – The Power of Nice, which headlined with “what do Kate Middleton, Roger Federer, Darren Clarke and Tom Pellereau (winner of the Apprentice), have in common? Its obvious. They’re Nice”

It also reminded me of some feedback my wife recieved in a part time job recently that she was far too nice, having had a very successful blue chip career before having the boys! (Interestingly, one of those companies having made her redundant due to restructuring 5 years ago have just reemployed her!)

So what is nice?

Nice is not, failing to keep track of priorities, or of listening to so many people that they end up being indecisive, someone lacking business judgement, industry expertise, or any credit with his/her own bosses and hence is incapable of providing you with the support and resources you need.

Maybe the problem is that “nice” portrays images of being walked over, being unassertive.

But maybe “nice” like the Times article suggested is treating others with respect, listening to others, being acountable for what they do, are courteous, deliver, apologise when necessary, are cheerful, authentic, dedicated, warm and pleasure to be around.

Would you not want to work for someone who is nice? and I wonder if thats how you would like others to talk about you?

So my challenge is lets starting having a different conversation about leadership, and lets make “nice” OK!

I would welcome your thoughts and comments.


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