It never gets easier, you just go faster!






Greg LeMond is credited with that quote, and reflects the feelings this morning I have having completed my first ever cycling time trial last night around a 25Km course around the hill where I live. 

I have to say I am really chuffed with my performance last night, and not bad for a 50 year old bloke carrying a bit too much of a picnic as it was described the other day. My boys just call me fat!

What a lovely experience. We were invited along by a swimming Dad and keen cyclist who has been really interested in my son Tom’s interest in cycling and thought a time trial would be a great introduction to another form of competitive racing. Tom is getting his head around what sport he wants to carry on with as he grapples with wanting to compete at sport, and our expectations of him as he enters first year of GCSE’s in September. We are dead supportive of sport, but we are forcing him now to make some choices! 

So last night. Firstly the welcome, the post ride analysis and the urge for us to carry on and join the cycling club at the weekends. I have done many sports, and introduced the boys to many, and often they appear closed and aloof and I am always surprised at how welcoming people are. So whatever the sport or activity, just go and join in.

My performance. Well it clearly helped having just come back from two weeks cycling in France. Although it was mostly climbing that we did and never got into the big rings, two weeks of healthily living, smaller food portions (although a lot of butter!!) have meant I actually came back from holiday and fitted into some polo shirts at the bottom of my draw. A tough course, 25km and 190m of elevation, I was chasing a time of less than 55 mins. The fact that I did it in 50.17mins was absolutely brilliant and I admit there was a quiet fist pump as I crossed the finish line. I am still buzzing as I write this.

What next. Well I want to do some proper alpine climbs next year so I need to get really fit. I had plans to do a triathlon next year, but its about the bike that my passion lies, so I need to follow my heart on that one.  I think Tom will follow his heart and choose cycling as his sport so as he’s only 14 I need to be around as well as push him a bit.

So excuse the blog, its just a long tweet really but I just need to put some words down!!



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