Our future sports stars need YOU!

I’m at Wolverhampton swimming pool today. The third day of four that Luke is swimming in the Worcestershire County Championships and following a twitter exchange this morning with Claire Haynes @WildfireSpark I thought I would blog from the event.

It’s a call to action.

Because these events don’t just happen. It takes an army of volunteers to make these events run. I’m sat at the moment in a room having lunch with a small army of timekeepers, judges and other officials. People who have given up their time to become accredited and make sure these events run within guidelines set by the sports governing bodies.

What’s more alarming as I scan the room is that around half of the officials don’t have children who are here swimming. Some are even pensioners who are still turning out long after their children have stopped competing. Some even talk of their grandchildren swimming.

Do you all remember 2012. What a fabulous event that was. The legacy? We’ll I’m not seeing it here. There are no new faces in this room that there was in 2012.

We are all busy, so sorry that does not wash with me. Maybe it’s just too scary to get involved, maybe you fear getting dumped on, maybe you think Its full of people who are obsesssed with power.
Maybe all of those are true, but let’s get back to why I’m here and you should be here, or out on a park, gym or other sporting venue because our children, or your neighbours children need you to make it happen.

Lord Coe said when he closed the 2012 Olympics that it said “made in Britain”. So let’s make it in Britain, let’s have an army of great British sports stars or just a bunch of kids who just love sport in all in its beauty and the values that sport really stands for.

I’m afraid though, it needs you to make it happen.


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