She got knocked down and she got up again

(Thanks to Chumbawamba for the title inspiration)

Resilience – the act of getting back up again (my definition!!)


This blog is a bit of indulgence but a recognition of some fantastic “bouncebackability” from my wife Kathryn and I write this because I am really pleased for her and proud of how she has picked herself back up, and I wanted it to put into words! 

Kathryn has been bursting for a couple of weeks now, having being offered a new position and promotion in a local company but unable to say anything as her role fits into a larger reorganisation. Last night she kept me awake talking at me until 1pm, until I really needed to turn over and go to sleep.

She joined Matcon a year ago because we needed the money and some extra security of income. A local company who I knew from my pharmaceutical engineering days so we knew they had long term potential. So a role that she would not have chosen, but needs must, however with a clear balance of unknown potential or an opportunity to tough it out until something  better came along. She was also fighting the approaching 50, and “am I going to get another real job again”

Kathryn has held senior positions in Market Research and Consumer Insights working with Boots, Smithkline Beecham and Kraft Foods. A career many would be proud of. Except Kathryn who does not see herself as the same person others describe on her Linkedin profile – hardly a case of impostor syndrome, but a common story I guess of not understanding how you do what you do and appreciating your talents!

In between she has brought up two lovely boys (that’s what others tell us), gone through a confidence sapping redundancy, done some contract work, been a school governor and juggled a whole range of local committees. An ISTJ she gets things done, so when you want something doing you ask Kathryn – why do you think I married her!

(you know that horrible saying, when you want something doing give it to a busy person – well she’s that person – i think she’s getting tired of that now and starting to bite back!!!).

Conscious that she did not want to appear to be a “corporate princess” she did what she does best. Got her head down, worked hard and in her eyes won the right to challenge and influence.

So we come to today, and the announcement of a newly created position as Marketing Manager. An MD and Business Development Director that trust her and who see this as only the start of her career with them. She’s been given a small team and the opportunity to redo the whole marketing and promotional positioning, bring in social media, really target and develop a plan to achieve the challenging aspirational growth that the business desires.

Her excitement is infectious and to be honest in our 27 years I have never seen her so excited. Its not about about the money as its less than she’s earned before, but her motivation comes from the fact that someone believes in her, wants her and has the confidence that she can make a difference. Next week she does have the small challenge of a global sales conference in only her second week and expected to lead some sessions so as an ISTJ you can imagine where her head is right now 🙂

Quietly she’s been on twitter for some time and she plans to bring more social media to her new role. I think she sees that I have moved from the “faffing” stage and that there might be something in this stuff so if you are interested please connect with her for the moment at @crochetkate45 if you would like to say hello or talk about B2B marketing , mountain biking, gardening and crochet!!!!

The lessons for the rest of us from Kathryn’s news?

We can get up again, we are never too old, and all our experiences are in preparation for the next thing.

As she said “it feels like I have been training for this position all my life”.

Maybe she has?


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