Number 1 challenge is to develop talent?


An article in todays HR Magazine “CEO’s to focus on people issues in 2014 as a route to growth” reported on a survey by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

Based on a survey of CEO’s, presidents and chairs from more than 1000 employers around the world, the report found the number one challenge being how best to develop, engage, manage and retain talent. Close behind was corporate brand and reputation.

Of course I am biased, and welcome reports like this that highlight the need to address this and of course I would be happy to talk to you to see if I could help you and help you address your own unique challenges in this area.

But I would like us to stop and ponder before we head long into what might be another panacea for some of our problems. The report seems to indicate that its findings are in the context of achieving growth, and therefore talent will be clearly part of the recipe for success, but it can’t be the only ingredient. Talent, or people as we might call them, are only one part of the mix. It surely also has to be about systems, processes, product, design, marketing, managing supply chains etc etc etc…….

So for me the need to develop and engage people is a given in todays business, but please lets remind ourselves of the context. Our role is to make work better, faster, cheaper, value adding, and in the end its about producing products and services that people want to buy. Simple!?

So yes, talent and people has to be on the agenda, but its just part of the mix.

Is it number 1, I don’t think so, but maybe its the glue for the other stuff to happen.

I look forward to your thoughts……


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