“I’m not rubbish just cause I had lessons”


As we were sat on a ski lift today Tom said to me, “I’m not rubbish just cause I had a lesson”, and then went onto describe how his two private ski lessons had transformed his skiing over out ski trip so far. It has too. Having had a six year gap and skiing again last year with not a lot of confidence he asked if he could have some lessons.
So from little confidence to regularly going off piste today in freshly dumped snow is quite a transformation.

So I wonder how we see lessons for ourselves. I took some mountain biking lessons a few years ago that raised my skill levels, and actually the speed I could go downhill safely. I wonder what pastimes and sports do you do that you might benefit from a lesson?

What about work? What development, coaching or feedback might transform your performance like Tom has achieved today?

Admitting that you need a lesson does not mean you are rubbish. If my pubescent teenage son can recognise that what’s stopping you?


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