Skiing is about going down a mountain


Tom came back from his private ski lesson today really chuffed with his progress. His ski instructor had given him two thoughts to help his skiing. One was “headlights” which was about imagining his hands were the headlights of a car, and he had to point his headlights down the hill rather than swinging his shoulders to make his turns. The second was a quote from the instructor which was “remember skiing is about going down a mountain”. Tom like many new to skiing are hesitant at the start of a slope, and as a result start slowly on a very shallow angle. The result being not enough speed to make the first turn, and most likely a fall.

This phrase really helped Tom today in his skiing, he came on leaps, and he did really well in really challenging conditions all afternoon of falling snow and low visibility.

It also struck me as a powerful metaphor for many of our challenges that we face. We can think, strategise and plan, but sometimes we need to just get going, pick up some speed and momentum and make the first move!


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