I’m in France at the moment, away with my eldest son Tom, his best friend and her dad. We skied with them last year and it was such a great success we came away again to St Gervais Mont-Blanc this year.

This afternoon, I really felt like I was in a state of flow skiing. The snow is powdery and we are expecting a fall again tonight, so should be excellent tomorrow.

So flow, that state which I define when the challenge is significant, and you feel that you have the competence and confidence to meet the challenge, pushing yourself far enough but not into a place that’s outright dangerous so you become apprehensive and make errors nor too easy that actually it becomes a little dull.

This trip has become a fantastic way to kick off the new year. It’s not for me about writing a list of resolutions or concocting a set of numbers for a business plan, but a fantastic way of getting into a rhythm for the year ahead.

So a few more days skiing, then back to work proper, but not yet. The slopes beckon tomorrow. More flow hopefully!

Blogged live while David our host cooks our dinner.


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