13 is a luckier number


2013 comes to a close and its been a much better year for me in many ways .

2012 really was not a great one. I put my Mum in a home, and my Dad sensing his work was done went quietly, bless him!! But it was also a rubbish year work wise. There was just not enough of it, I took my eye off the ball and my wife’s contract came to an end as we decided a move to London did not suit us.

But work did start to pick up again in the final stages of 2012 and I entered 2013 in a much more positive mood.

It has been better, I have done some good and some great work, got some great feedback and most importantly having some great conversations with new and prospective clients and the small number of consultancies that I work on an associate basis with.

Most importantly, I have started smiling again and I am shouting at the boys less.

So here’s to 2014. The pipeline is filling up, and whilst there is always space for more I am really excited about the New Year. But first its Christmas, New Year and skiing to be done.

Look forward to catching up in 2014.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and I wish you and all your loved ones fun and joy!



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