Manufacturing futures

Manufacturing on the rise again, some of my concerns..


My heart is in manufacturing, my Dad, worked for many years as a Foreman at British Leyland at Longbridge, home of “red robbo” and the night shift sleeping through the night. Despite all the negative press I was fascinated by “making stuff” and I can still remember one Saturday morning dad took me to work and I worked on the assembly line. Imagine that now, I was not signed in, no health and safety induction, just the gaffers lad and he handed me over to two guys who he could trust to look after me for a few hours.
That was enough to convince me to seek my career in manufacturing and the start of love and loathing of my status as an engineer.

Firstly my friends thought I was mad to go and work in a factory, it was smelly and you only went there if you did not…

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