New and Shiny

I am not new to blogging. I have tried (reminded of Yoda-there is no try!) to write blogs on a frequent basis but they just did not happen with any frequency. However much I tried, the subject or the words did not come.

A whole range of issues I think have prevented my writing. A lack of confidence, loads of other distractions, some apathy, and actually I think the real reason, I was out of “kilter” and lost my “flow”. Business has been tough for the past few years and there was no room for anything else other than getting through and keeping my head above water.

I am sensing, ever the optimist, that things are turning and I am certainly getting busier and with that comes a renewed energy. So in line with my personality traits, liking “new and shiny” and stimulated by seeking new things I am switching to WordPress to publish my blogs.

So here goes, I am diving in, some new kit, lets see if I stay afloat…..


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