Beauty – and a bit of live blogging :-)


So here goes, I am diving in with another blog and testing out WordPress by doing it live on the iPad. Testing my own limiting beliefs about my blogging.

To continue the metaphor I am once again sat by the side of a swimming pool.
I know that I go on about my boys sporting achievements. My intent is not to brag but because it has become a huge part of my life, my relationship with my boys and I am just really proud of them. I also find a lot of meaning in what they do.

By way of background and context my wife and I share the load of sitting by the side of a swimming pool six days a week. Luke our youngest son is 11 and a swimmer who has high potential. He is a member of two swimming clubs to get the pool time he needs to fulfil that potential.

So as I sit here tonight I find myself reflecting on what factors lead to success. Who knows, we may have a journey to make with Luke, but right now in this moment as I watch beauty comes to mind.

Luke has beauty in spades, he has fabulous technique, he has this absolutely gorgeous little flick of his hands as he does backstroke. It’s Dan Pink’s mastery in evidence, a real focus on doing it right and paying attention to the detail in order to be the best he can be.

I am also reminded of flow as I watch him and the metaphor seems appropriate. The great swimmers create a bow wave, they move the water around themselves by their position in the water and how they move their body as they apply their technique. Luke manages to do that, there is no splashing, he really does glide through the water. When he does not swim well he comments that the water did not feel right moving around him. Amazing really that an 11 year old can think in that way! I claim no credit!

So what might we learn from Luke. It’s certainly not all about pure sheer brute force and effort. Luke beats his peers using less strokes (and loses to those who have learnt to up their stroke rate or are just more mature and stronger for their age), he thinks deeply about his technique, he seeks feedback after every race, and he has both realistic and stretch goals (Midland and National championships). That’s all down to him, so clearly stacks of drive, even if he’s a lazy ar_e at home!

So on reflection, what about me. Would others describe me in the same terms?
In some instances I would hope so, I am confident in my abilities, and I know when I have had great dialogue or facilitated well, but I also know when I’m going through the motions or it just does not flow. I need to become more beautiful, there is more development needed. I also recognise that my goals are not always clear and that’s something I am working on. Also, whilst being very reflective and tough on myself I should seek feedback a little more often.

Luke has given me a cause for reflection tonight, and I wonder what you might learn from Luke. What might beauty look like for you?

(Ps thanks Sukh, kilter got me thinking!!)


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